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The Fairview/ES Brown Heritage Corporation
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Restoration Project

Project Goals

The long term goals of the non-profit are to rehabilitate the campus modeling the ‘National Register listed’ Tullie Smith Farm and interpret an early 20th century school setting, promoting heritage tourism and educational experiences for children. The Tullie Smith Farm was selected because it represents the type of interpretive center desired by FESBHC to accurately preserve the lifestyles and experiences of an earlier era so that future generations can appreciate that period in history.

Project Drawings

Additionally, achieving listing to the National Register of Historic Places is very important to recognizing the historical significance of the Fairview School and its place in American history. The application is underway.

Project Objectives

Current Urgency and Ramifications
Architect Joseph Smith has expressed the urgency of stabilizing the building to prevent further deterioration of the building. He has prepared preservation plans that should begin as soon as possible beginning with repairs to the foundation, followed immediately by repairs to the roof and chimney. The risk of not stabilizing the building include deterioration of more structural features resulting in additional construction costs. Stabilization repairs are estimated at $30,000.

Additionally obtaining listing to the National Register of Historic Places is easier to obtain when substantial fabric and materials of the original site still exists.

Structural Damage

Structural Damage

FESHBC plans to accomplish these goals in three phases, of which the most important is Phase One which ‘preserves’ the gravely endangered school building. Each phase expands use of the 4.0 acre site, and adds additional programming and tourist opportunities. This approach of strategic long term planning could potentially position Fairview to be the Feeder School to the successful Georgia Power Technical Center at Georgia Northwestern Technical College.

Phase One (Preservation)
Preservation Estimated Cost - $250,000
Landscaping and interpretive essentials – Estimated $100,000
Desired completion: 2015
Anticipated funding sources: Corporate and individual donations, grants

Execute Readaptive Use Plan for the existing building and grounds

  • Create a ‘Living Campus’ which will be the first of its kind in NW Georgia interpreting the early cultural and educational experiences of African Americans. It will differentiate itself as a professionally curated heritage tourism attraction honoring the Governor's initiative to boost heritage tourism revenues and support the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards for education.
  • Preserve and curate the first grade building to be the main focal point and interpretive center, attracting tourism and hosting school field trips. The immediate grounds will be complete with period features such as an outdoor privy and docents reenacting alumni personal accounts of experiences which influenced their lives.

Landscaping for gardens

  • Since the original Rosenwald building no longer exists, plans are to interpret and simulate the original floor plan through other mediums. Popular garden themes are under consideration. In-kind donations may significantly defer the costs of these activities.

Phase 2 (Construction)
Estimated Cost- $150,000
Desired completion: 2015-16
Anticipated funding sources: Primarily In-kind donations

Positions the site to accommodate more robust educational events providing programs mainly for grades one through six offering camps that model curriculums from the John C. Campbell Folk School, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) programs. Local craftsmen and a non-profit have offered to assist in constructing cabins, treehouses, and other structures.

Phase 3 (Construction)
Estimated Cost-TBD
Desired completion: 2016+
Anticipated funding sources: TBD

This phase includes construction of a multi-purpose building offering preparatory programs as a Feeder School to technical colleges or centers; possibly the Georgia Power Technical Center.

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